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No tricks, no jokes | AltaRoma 2020

The Fondazione Mondo Digitale launch the Second edition of  Digital Made For Young Fashion Talents contest to enhance young talents in the field of wearable technology. Young creatives, stylists, makers had the opportunity to have their creations paraded on the occasion of Altaroma January 2020 during the Fashion Digital Night.

For this fashion show DressCoders put on spotlight the trasparency, to prove that wearable technologies aren't uncomfortable electric threads, but fine and elegant details

The bodice is completely transparent, LEDs are sewed all by hand inside Eco-PVC petals: wires and connectors become silver threads that decorate the perfect modeling of the bustier. A motion sensor creates  a gorgeous show oflights and colors, with each step the petals change color.


The gown is made with silver crinoline, it appears transparent until the reflectors stand out against it, giving a marbled effect.



Look at the Gallery on our website to see every pics!


TGR Lazio